Thank You!

It is huge undertaking to create an entire professional certification. While there may be a core group of people at the helm, it takes many volunteers; people willing to devote their time, expertise, and passion over an extended period to complete the task.

Listed below are those volunteers who have assisted the PACB organization and contributed to the development of this patient advocate certification.

It is with enormous gratitude we share their names with you.

Cathy Bowers

Vicki Breitbart

Melissa Cardine

Lea Christo

Missy Crawford Rodey

Georgianna Donadio

Teri Dreher

Stephanie Frederick

Cindi Gatton

Sharon Gauthier

Dawn Gay

Melanie Gobourne

Adria Goldman Gross

Bruce Hanson

Kelli Hanson

Caryn Isaacs

Adiba Khan

Karen Kier

Kathleen Krchnavek

Jill Lacklitz

Alicia Mascarenas

Susan McPhail-Taylor

Kimberley Meisinger

John Miller

Jeanne Miller

Lee Mulert

Rick Pugach

Joyce Schulz-Killian

Bonnie Sheeren

Jackie Shore

Scott TenBroeck

Leslie Theis

Sandy Thigpen

Karen Vogel

plus past Board members found here.

(Have you made a contribution, but your name does not appear above? If so, please know it was an inadvertent omission, and we offer our apologies. Please contact us (admin-at-pacboard-dot-org) with your name and the role you played. We’ll be pleased to add you to our Thank You list.)


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