Congratulations on passing your certification exam! 

We are proud of you, our first cohort, for earning the title Board Certified Patient Advocate. You took a leap of faith, and we appreciate your trust in the work that has been done to lay this foundation by patient advocate leaders to arrive at this point.

Now that you have been awarded this important national certification, your clients will better understand your role and the competencies an advocate should have when choosing an advocate to meet their individual needs.

A few things to know now that you have passed the exam:

  1. You should receive your certificate by postal mail within four weeks (by the end of November).
  2. You may begin using the BCPA initials after your name immediately! If someone asks you what BCPA means, you can proudly tell them that it means “Board Certified Patient Advocate.”
  3. See below for information about using the BCPA logos on your website and printed materials.
  4. Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be developing further materials and ways to showcase your new credential. For example, we’ll send you a press release that will describe your achievement, and will allow you to drop in your name and other information to share with your local press. And, we’ll create an online “look-up” for people who want to confirm your credential. There may be others.
  5. You’ll also begin receiving the information you’ll need as you get started with your recertification – how and where to earn your CEUs, how to report them, and more.

Unlike other portions of this website, this new information will be shared only with you – as a PACB-certified patient advocate.

Again – our congratulations to you!

The PACBoard

(Updated November, 2018)

To retrieve logos for your use in print or on the web, please fill out the following:



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