Welcome to the PAC Board’s New Website

As we begin 2016, and having shifted from being a steering committee to being an incorporated entity with a board and a new name, we have now moved to this new website to reflect the changes. 

The look and feel of the site have changed, but all the content of the old site has been moved to the new, so nothing has been lost. This includes the list of people who have asked to be notified of updates. Therefore, if you were signed up at the old site, you will receive two update notices – one from the old AdvocateCredential.org site and the other from the PACBoard.org site.

If you have not received two notices, then please sign up at right to subscribe.

Within a few days, attempting to link to the old site will instead bring you directly to this new one.

Please update any bookmarks you may have for this certification work.


  • mary barter

    I appreciate all of your hard work. As a practicing Patient Care Advocate for nearly 30 years, I understand the importance of a process to ensure that all of those who label themselves as Patient Advocates have the necessary knowledge to professionally do their job. Recently I worked with someone who has a website and labels herself as a Patient Advocate, but, after observing her work for over a month, I had to separate myself from her practice because of her lack of knowledge in certain areas of the law and of health care in general. What I witnessed was very sad; her clients had no idea that she didn’t have the knowledge and background to really assist them. This caused one of her clients to suffer needlessly.

    • I gave a talk this week at a senior housing complex. One of the questions was, how do we tell if someone is honest and legitimate. This elderly couple had hired someone to help with discharge planning from a hospital after a stroke. The person did not know what they were doing and not only cost the couple time and money, but harm to their health. I didn’t really have a good answer, since I had already said that there was no current certification for Patient Advocate.

  • After many years as a Private Professional Patient Advocate, I welcome the opportunity to add a Certification to my name. Thank you for all the hard work.

  • Denise Lofton

    Thanks, I am looking forward to the updates.

  • Great stuff. Looking forward.

  • Laura C

    Wonderful, slow and steady! Looking forward to updates and progress.

  • Belinda Brizendine

    Congratulations! I look forward to hearing the latest updates as you work towards certification.

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