Ethical Standards – Final Version Published

The PACB (Patient Advocate Certification Board) is pleased to publish the final version of its Ethical Standards. Development of these standards was truly a collaborative effort.  In June we put our first PACB draft document out for public review.

Almost 75 of you responded with your ideas and suggestions, your criticisms and concerns , your questions and comments. Every submission was carefully considered and then a decision was made on whether to implement it, address it in some other way (see our responses from August), or possibly set it on a shelf for consideration at a later date in another document.

For those concerns that required implementation (from typos to rewording), and for many of the good suggestions you offered, changes were made to the draft. As of August 17, those updates were approved, resulting in the document we now offer you.

We thank those of you who took the time to share your thinking with us to create this final document. We appreciate your efforts and hope you are as pleased with the results as the PACB is.

Next up:  We are now undertaking the same rigorous review of the public comments many of you made to the Competencies draft. The resulting changes and updates will be published later this Fall.


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  • Jerry Tevrow

    I became aware of the PACB through a program I just completed at Georgetown University
    School of Continuing Studies. The 6 week program was for a Professional Certificate in
    Patient Navigation.
    Certification in this discipline is the logical next step.
    I find that the Ethical Standards and Best Practices, Competencies, to be extremely
    well thought out. I find the CERRF protocol very useful in the scope of advocacy.

    C- Communication E- Education R- Resources. R- Referrals F- Followup

    I look forward to the testing competencies.

    Jerry Tevrow

  • Jacque Young

    I read the final version of the PACB’s Ethical Standards and Best Practices and I am convinced that this version is stronger, more specific and provides much more guidance and clarity to new comers and incumbents in the Patient Advocate field. Very good job and ‘kudos’ to the PACB.

    Jacque Young