Update on Advocate Certification Steering Committee Work – January 2015

Our January meeting was intensely focused on moving forward with a wide variety of issues related to finance and eligibility.

The Ethics-Legal Task Force is engaging with external fiduciaries to address whether a conflict of interest exists or other concerns arise when a patient advocate is asked to serve as a client’s power of attorney for healthcare decision-making.

We are also proceeding with PACSC incorporation.


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  • Crescent Ives

    When a car accident volunteered me to become a month long resident in the burn center, I discovered the insidious side of health care. My treatment was a horrific nightmare, of which I could not awaken. This experience was my catalyst to change my career from horticulture, to health care. After my recovery was well underway, I procured a position as a Patient Access Business Associate, where I have been for almost a year and a half, compiling information to use to help others navigate this scary world. The discovery of this website has solidified the necessity of this service for me, and I am eager to share my knowledge and learn so much more from others. My intention is to help “patients” be viewed as “people”, and to be treated as such.

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