Update on Advocate Certification Steering Committee Work – February 2014

More going on behind-the-scenes. It’s very clear that to move forward, knowing how decisions will be made is crucial. Thus the work of the Governance Task Force is moving forward to be sure we know the “rules” as we begin to make important decisions.  Examples: we need answers to questions such as:  how do we define a quorum? What if the Committee doesn’t reach consensus? Do we need a procedure of possible ethical violations?  What happens if one member of a committee misses too many meetings?

Those questions, and two dozen more, are in the process of being answered by consensus by the group.  The majority of our February meeting was a discussion of these points.

We’ve also been seeking other groups that may also be looking into certifications that will interface with this program.

Steering Committee
Patient Advocacy Certification Development


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  • Can you share with everyone which groups and organizations are already bought into working on this coordinated certification project? We may be able to help get other organizations involved in which we are already members and make that job easier. Buy in from across the continuum will make things much better for all.

    • Administrator

      The groups and organizations involved can be found among Steering Committee Members – a broadbased group, all of whom have keen interest in making sure the decisions made are of benefit to the patients who will engage with certified advocates.

      Additional groups will be represented as the Task Forces take shape. We have almost 100 people who have indicated interest and have great expertise to contribute to the process – we call them SMEs (Subject Matter Experts.) Each Task Force will be comprised of one member of the Steering Committee, plus additional SMEs.

      Building this certification has inclusion as one of its core values. By the time the first phase of work is finished, and the first certification has been determined, dozens of organizations will already have been represented during the process.

      So – to your point – by its very nature, this process, and therefore its outcomes, will well-represent the continuum and the profession.

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