Update on Advocate Certification Steering Committee Work – January 2014

Lots of behind-the-scenes work going on through the holidays and into the new year.  For those of you who have interest in working with us, we have also solidified what we are looking for.

At our January 2014 meeting, we clarified the roles of the Task Forces and worked on governance issues, such as how we will conduct our business, how decisions will be made, how we choose task force volunteers and more.

An email is being sent to everyone who has expressed interest and has submitted task force or SME (subject matter experts) applications so far. See the call for Task Force Volunteers.

We also looked at what our definition of “patient advocate” or “health advocate” is – just exactly who will we be certifying?  After much discussion, the suggested possibilities will be reviewed and a specific definition will be forthcoming.

We also tackled the question of whether we will establish a group to handle the actual details of certifying – handling applications, administering tests, collecting money, etc – or whether we would look to an organization that already does that as its core business. (There seem to be a dozen or more.)  This will remain under review. No decision has yet been made.

Steering Committee
Patient Advocacy Certification Development


If you wish to stay up-to-date on progress of this health and patient advocacy credential development, please subscribe to receive updates (at right.)  Large group emails are no longer being sent.

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  • Lesley Bennett

    Please do not make the credentialing process or definition of “Patient Advocate” or Health Advocate simply another certification or credential for a registered nurse. Certified Nurse Case Managers are wonderful and they do a great deal to help patients with chronic conditions navigate our complex health system…and they often make excellent Patient Advocates.

    However, Social Workers, Clergy, “other” healthcare professionals, patients, and even caregivers for a patient with a chronic condition or rare disorder also make wonderful Patient Advocates….. and sometimes these non-nurse advocates are better for certain patients than a Nurse Case Manager because they may be more in tune with the special needs of a patient with a Rare Disorder or a specific-disease such as Parkinson’s or an eosinophilic GI disorder.

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