Update on Advocate Certification Steering Committee Work – October 1, 2013

Our September meeting was quite productive, with the following of interest to blog subscribers:

We have now unanimously agreed on our Certification Committee’s Mission Statement:

To establish a national credential for those who advocate for patients.

(statement updated 10/15/13)

Our next step is to work on development of standards for how subcommittees will proceed, and to determine what subcommittees (task forces) we think we will need going forward.  For those of you who applied to be Subject Matter Experts, this work will affect you.

Steering Committee
Patient Advocacy Certification Development


If you wish to stay up-to-date on progress of this health and patient advocacy credential development, please subscribe to receive updates (at right.)  Large group emails will no longer be sent out after this October 2013 notification.












  • Patricia Conley

    I would like consideration to be given to grandfather those nurses who have taken the coursework and testing to hold a certificate in Patient Advocacy.

    Are the meetings open and if so, how can we listen in.

    Thank you for forming this committee and working on this vital certification.

  • Stacy D'Alessandro

    Great job! I am not on any subcommittee but would love to continue to receive emails. Also if you need an additional person on your subcommittee I would be interested. Not quite sure where I would fit but I do have management experience in primary care/internal medicine. Thank you for all your hard work for all of us.

  • Norene Nungester

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything all of you are doing for all of us. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!

  • Administrator

    Hi Dianna,

    Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month by telephone conference call.

    Steering committee members live and work throughout the US, so phone conferencing is the only feasible way to handle this work.

  • Dianna Gatchell

    Where do you hold your meetings? Or are they virtual?

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